MARY JANE’S 24 HOUR PLAY FESTIVAL. Mary Jane’s 7th blog post tells about how her trilogy grew out of a 24 hour play festival. In summary, Mary Jane and the other playwrights who were going to write short plays showed up a house in Stratford, Connecticut at 7:30 in the evening. There they got to know the actors and directors who were assigned to their play. Then they were given the title of their play. Mary Jane’s title was “Shakespeare in the Dark”. Mary Jane went home and wrote her play, consisting of four scenes, and then e mailed it to her three actors and her director in the early morning hours. She went back to Stratford about eight in the morning to have a first read. She then caught up on the sleep she had lost.

At eight that evening, the new plays were performed beautifully with lines learned.

The short form Shakespeare in the Dark became eventually Shakespeare Rising.

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