LETTING FOOTBALL FANS KNOW ABOUT MISTAKES REFEREES MAKE. I posted a couple days ago about the furor (as the tabloids would say) over an important play in the Detroit Lions/Dallas Cowboy playoff game in which the officials reversed a penalty call without explanation. I didn’t say in the posts what I thought the correct call was because I really don’t know what the pass interference rules are as they are applied by the league. I do feel strongly that fans should be informed about what happened in a game they have watched. There are apparently a number of refereeing mistakes in an NFL games. This article by Frank Schwab on the Yahoo sports site says that after the Detroit/Dallas game the Cowboys called the league’s attention to 10 refereeing decisions which they questioned. The league admitted that there were at least 7 missed calls that disadvantaged the Cowboys. There would be a lot of advantages to making a review of the refereeing in a game available as a matter of course. One benefit would be that the kind of conspiracy theories that Schwab alludes to in his article would be diminished because fans would have a better idea of the extent to which mistakes are made.

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