ANOTHER ICE BOWL? I posted here about the Ice Bowl, a football playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, which was played outdoors in Green Bay on New Year’s Eve, 1967, with a temperature which reached minus 20 degrees by the end of the game and a windchill of perhaps minus 57. Dallas is playing Green Bay this Sunday in a playoff game outdoors in Green Bay. This article by Sam Gardner on the Fox Sports website says that some people are calling Sunday’s game “Ice Bowl II”. However, it is unlikely to be anything like the Ice Bowl. For one thing, although the high for Friday (tomorrow) in Green Bay is expected to be plus 1 degree, the high for Sunday is expected to reach 20 degrees.

Gardner has some good reminiscences from the players about the physical experience of playing in the Ice Bowl. The outdoor temperature, says one player, was ” virtually like having an ice pack on your entire body”. The player hurt his arm during the game, but it was only after the game that his injured arm swelled to be twice the size of the other arm. Another player’s tooth went through his lip, but there was no bleeding until he came out of the game and went to the sidelines. When he stood in front of a heater, “blood just went everywhere”.

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