GUARDING THE “GLOBAL STRATEGIC RESERVE FACILITY” FOR MAPLE SYRUP. I posted here about the theft of 15,000 barrels of maple syrup in 2012. This article by Sian Griffiths in the Guardian (December 22) tells about the new security arrangements for what is called the “global strategic reserve facility” for maple syrup. The new facility has an eight foot high fence, exterior cameras, and an alarm system.

In 2012, I linked to an article which said that it was thought that the 2012 theft had been done by setting up a dummy trucking company with space adjacent to the maple syrup storage. The dummy company was able to bring in large trucks. There were times when no one was looking….

The Sian Griffiths article reports that there have been almost 30 arrests made for the 2012 theft and that 70% of the stolen syrup has been recovered. The article adds adds the detail that detection of the theft was delayed because when the maple syrup was removed from barrels, it was replaced by water.

The expressed purpose of the reserve is to ensure that maple syrup is available year round. I can’t help wondering whether there are some who have the idea that the “global strategic reserve facility” may at some point play the same role for maple syrup that OPEC has played for oil.

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