“LAST-CHANCE NEW YORK”. I am a charter subscriber to New York magazine. The first issue came out in the fall of 1968, when I arrived in New York. When the magazine reminisces about changes in New York City, the changes often affect my memories. The November 20, 2014 issue had a feature by Alex Yablon called “Last-Chance New York” about “places that belong to a dying breed…, which are in many cases the very last of their kind.” Many of the places were thriving when I arrived in New York. Some changes that struck me were that Rizzoli’s closed for good this year and that apparently there is only one Chino-Cuban restaurant left in the city. The article notes some things that came and went after 1968—video stores, for example. It seems that the Union Square Cafe just opened, but it opened in 1987 and will be relocating at the end of next year.

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