PALEO COFFEE. I am on record as being a big fan of butter and of coffee. I have posted on their historical contributions to civilization. It had never occurred to me to add butter to coffee, but Jamie Waters writes in the Guardian (November 25) that a mix of butter, oil and coffee “has been sweeping the food world with a mass of chat claiming that it gives you a prolonged energy hit, sharpens your focus and keeps you feeling full.” It is known as “bulletproof coffee” or “paleo coffee”.

This post by Charlie Norton on the Munchies website explains that the idea came from a health guru, based on drinking yak tea with butter at 18,000 feet in Tibet. Not just any butter or any coffee will do. The coffee must be the lowest toxin and most high performance possible, and the butter must be organic, unsalted and grass fed. A spoonful of virgin coconut oil is added.

Morton describes the health theories underlying paleo coffee. The main one is that the butter will prolong the performance enhancing effect of the caffeine in the coffee.

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