THE SPIKE COMES TO OUR FAMILY CAR. There are news reports now about auto accidents where the airbags “launch metal shards into car occupants”. Here, for example, is a story in the Washington Post by Drew Harwell and Michael A. Fletcher (October 23) about the four deaths and “many serious injuries” which have resulted. The article refers to the “grisly severity” of the deaths and injuries. More than 10 million cars have been recalled by 10 different manufacturers.

One of our cars has been identified for recall, although there is no fix available at this time.

I posted here that: “Professor Armen Alchian is usually credited with the suggestion that a good way to make drivers more careful and thereby reduce accidents would be to mount a large sharp spike in the middle of each steering wheel.”

Mary Jane pointed out to me that we now have the spike in one of our family cars.

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