THE “TwinX”.

THE “TwinX”. Mary Jane always puts the New York State Fair in her hometown of Syracuse on her list of things we might do, and one of these years it will work out. This year we missed the opportunity to eat a TwinX, which this article by Geoff Herbert notes is getting national attention. (I first heard about it in an article in the Wall Street Journal.) Sales of the TwinX reach about 150 per hour during peak periods.

The TwinX, which was invented at last year’s state fair, is: “a Twix candy bar stuffed inside a Twinkie, wrapped in four slices of bacon, battered, fried, drizzled with chocolate and finished off with powdered sugar”. (A photo of a TwinX accompanies Herbert’s article.) Herbert quotes food critic Jane Marmaduke: “The oleaginous masculinity of the pork, underscored by authentically decadent dough and delicious candy, left us quivering for more.”

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  1. I think the TwinX sounds absolutely revolting.

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