A NEW DISCOVERY AT STONEHENGE. I posted here about how excited Annalisa was by the possibilities she imagined in the landscape and barrows near Stonehenge and that “she was sure that there was more to be found by archaeologists.” Ryan Grenoble in today’s Huffington Post reports on a discovery at Stonehenge that seems so obvious that (provided that it stands up) it is remarkable it wasn’t made before. There is a debate over whether the Stonehenge site was originally a full circle or an incomplete circle. This article on the BBC News website discusses how dry patches in the grass are taken as evidence of places where two “missing” huge sarsen stones may once have stood. The two stones would make for a complete circle.

The BBC article quotes Susan Greaney of English Heritage, which manages the site: “A lot of people assume we’ve excavated the entire site and everything we’re ever going to know about the monument is known.But actually there’s quite a lot we still don’t know and there’s quite a lot that can be discovered just through non-excavation methods.”

Just as Annalisa thought.

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