MUSICAL TWINS. Corinne Ramey had an article in the Wall Street Journal (August 5) about twin pianists, Cristina and Michelle Naughton, who are now 25 and have been playing the piano together since they were four. Musicians quoted in the article marvel at how closely they play together, comparing them to a quartet that has been playing together for 25 years. One says: “When they play together, they seem to have one mind and one body—it’s extraordinary….Like one person with two hands playing.”

Two things struck me—as a fellow twin. First, the Naughtons say that they only think they are identical twins. My brother and I were incorrectly considered to be fraternal for many years. Blood tests can confirm it, but if you’re an awful lot alike, it will turn out that you are identical twins.

Second, the twins say they “speak our own language”, especially about music. I know that some twins do this. My parents told us we spoke our own twin language when we were very young, but by the time we went to school, all vestiges of that were gone.

Finally, I remarked to Annalisa that my twin Elmer and I have exactly the same amount of musical talent, and she agreed that I should add that thought to this post.

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  1. DickWeisfelder says:

    They played with the Toledo Symphony this spring. Chris and I loved their performance, a Poulenc concerto and Carnival of the Animals.

    The review of the performance follows:

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