FINDS AT THE JAMESTOWN FORT. My brother Elmer lives in Williamsburg, and our family had gone to Jamestown before the discovery of the fort. One of my first experiences with the wonders that would come from the internet was when a colleague excitedly burst into my office to tell me and others that they ahadfound the fort’s location.

In her article, Laurie Gwen Shapiro describes an interview with William Kelso, the archaeologist who believed that the remains of the fort could still be found. He began by himself, with a shovel. One day he noticed “a dry streak in the soil”. In the twenty years since, they have found 1.7 million (!) objects. Only one acre has been excavated and there are another 19 acres still to be explored.

Here is a map showing, and commenting on, buildings and architectural features that have been found since 1994.

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