SGGY AND JOPPY. This article, by Jerry Bossert in the New York Daily News, tells the human interest story of how Love That Chase, the mother of California Chrome, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, was bought for only $8000. The two co-owners race under the name “DAP” (for Dumbass Partners) because someone at that sale said that “only a dumb ass would spend $8,000 for Love That Chase”. The stud fee for Lucky Pulpit, the father, was $2500.

The story of California Chrome reminds me of Carry Back, the winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 1961. Carry Back’s mother was bought for $300, consisting of a fee of $150 plus a $150 overdue board bill, and there was a stud fee of $400. Carry Back was a little horse. This wikpedia article quotes an Associated Press reporter who called him a “little, scrawny” horse. His size may have been a reason why he was so popular (one of his nicknames was the “People’s Choice”.) Another reason he was popular was that he had a wonderful finishing kick—he came from 18 lengths back to win the Kentucky Derby and from 15 lengths back to win the Preakness. (Here is an exciting description by Bill Shanklin of Carry Back’s stretch run in the Derby, with a link to a recording of the track announcer.)

I have always loved the names of Carry Back’s parents. His father was Saggy and his mother was Joppy.

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