BEING YELLED AT. I recall the TV show “Leave it to Beaver” with fondness (wikipedia article here). The show presented things from the point of view of Beaver Cleaver, who began the series as an 8 year old. I often cite Beaver’s statement that the worst thing in the world is being yelled at.

I was reminded of Beaver’s statement by this article in The Onion, about a man for whom 87 per cent of his memories “are rooted in the emotions of shame, humiliation, and guilt”. The man, says The Onion, “is rarely able to reflect on events from earlier in his life without visibly wincing….”

I have seen a surprising amount of criticism of “Leave it to Beaver” for not taking on major social issues, but this Onion article is one of the few discussions I have seen of the important issue that “Leave it to Beaver” focused on.

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