MORE EXPLANATIONS OF “LAGOM”. I have posted several times, including here, about the complex meanings of the Swedish word “lagom”, (which Dick Weisfelder introduced me to). Some of the ideas suggested by the word are: sharing, not taking too many resources, and not seeking too much attention. Annalisa called my attention to this long thread on a comment on the the Reddit blog which nominated “lagom” as the most difficult word in Swedish to translate. One issue that is debated on the thread is the notion that “lagom” can be used in a slightly negative way. The example given is:

“”How was the party?”
“Eh, it was nothing special. I had a lagom good time.”

It is also pointed out that “lagom” can also mean “perfect”, but it will be said about something in the middle, such as the porridge that Goldilocks ate that she thought was just right.

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