ANOTHER HARVARD LAW SCHOOL MODEL FOR PROFESSOR KINGSFIELD (COMMENT). I posted here about how “Professor Kingsfield is the terrifying Harvard Law professor of contract law who is celebrated in THE PAPER CHASE (a book by John Jay Osborne, and later a movie and a television show).” John Osborn, the author of THE PAPER CHASE has said that Kingsfield was based on a composite of Harvard Law School professors. Kingsfield’s specialty was contract law, so that contract law teachers have been prominent in nominations of candidates for inspiring the creation of the character. I was pleased to receive a comment today from Karen Braucher Tobin, who nominated her father Robert Braucher as a candidate. Professor Braucher taught contracts, and I was happy to encounter his name because I had him for Commercial Transactions, which built on the contracts course. Braucher had, as his daughter points out, a very good sense of humor, a ready laugh, and “a mind like a steel trap”. He was indeed a lot like Professor Kingsfield. The Socratic Method is a wonderful tool for a gifted teacher. THE PAPER CHASE portrayed that teaching with great accuracy.

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