MARY JANE’S SERVICE ON AN ARMED ROBBERY JURY. Mary Jane served once on a jury, and she also was obviously miserable on the evening before the last day of the trial. She was quite cheerful when I saw her the next evening, and she told me the story. Two young men had taken a cab ride and then robbed the cab driver at gunpoint. The cab driver had bravely gotten out of the cab and followed them, but had lost them on the crowded street. The cab driver identified both defendants as the two men who had robbed him. The case had seemed to rest on the identification by the cab driver—a tough decision. But the cab driver said that as he was following the two young men, they had passed a little girl, who called out to them: “Hi, Frog”.

The prosecution called one final witness on the morning of the last day—a girl of 8 or 9, who testified that she knew Frog from the neighborhood, that that was his nickname, that she remembered the encounter, and that Frog was one of the defendants. Another easy decision, although Mary Jane has always been troubled by what the future lives of the two defendants may have been.

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