MY FRIEND’S SERVICE ON A MURDER JURY. People are reluctant to serve on juries because it is time consuming, but they are also reluctant because it can carry terrible responsibility. We spent the evening once with a friend who was serving on a murder jury. As is proper, we did not discuss the case at all, but it was apparent that our friend was miserable. The next time I saw her, I asked about the case. She said that she had indeed been miserable, especially because the next day was going to be the last day of the trial. She had been in doubt about the issues, and the consequences either way were enormous. But my friend was smiling. The defendant had taken the stand on the last day and admitted that he had indeed stabbed the victim, but that the victim was still alive when the defendant left the scene. Somebody else must have come along and stabbed the victim to death. The decision was easy.

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