THEFTS OF LARGE AMOUNTS OF FOOD. I have posted on the theft of a cast iron building, of a ferris wheel, of a gold bathtub, and of large quantities of maple syrup. These thefts seemed exotic to me because I think of thieves as targeting small valuable items that are easily fenced (electronics, jewelry…). There have been a lot of thefts of bulky, low value items recently. New York magazine (November 25) has an article by Clint Rainey which summarizes a lot of these thefts in 2013. Here are some of them: 140,000 pounds of walnuts (from an orchard); 42,000 pounds of Muenster cheese; 3000 cartons of hamburgers; 26,000 pounds of frozen chicken wings; and 15,303 bottles of Blueprint Cleanse Juice. Rainey says that “a wave of California walnut heists has local farmers living in fear of the ‘Nut Mafia'”.

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