COMPETITIVE KNITTING. An article by Chris Irvine in the Telegraph (November 1) reported that: “Norway’s public broadcaster on Friday aired a marathon exploration of the world of knitting in an attempt to beat the world ‘sheep to sweater’ record.” The record—“from the back of a sheep to the back of a person”—requires spinners as well as knitters to compete.

This later article reports that the Norwegians failed to break the record, but over one million people watched the attempt. The record, of four hours and 51 minutes, held by the Merriwa Jumbucks from New South Wales, still stands.

Mary Jane says that I will watch any kind of competition on television. Perhaps. The program is supposed to have been broadcast globally, but I haven’t seen it in the TV listings yet.

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  1. I can hardly wait. This program would have appealed, I think, to Sherlock
    Holmes when he was on one of his benders.

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