THE EXCITEMENT OF RECYCLING. When I was around five, during the period when most little boys are expecting to grow up to be policemen or firemen, my brother Elmer and I wanted to be garbagemen. The garbagemen who came every Thursday were heroes to us. We waited on the curb for their arrival.

Some of that feeling still remains, so I have taken pleasure in the new recycling system we have had since July 1. Recycling is placed, unsorted, in large blue bins. The truck arrives, two arms reach out and grasp the bin, and lift the bin up and turn it over. The lid flies up and the bin is emptied into the truck. The movement reminds me of a basketball player making a backward dunk. I keep an eye out each Tuesday and have seen most of the recycling pickups since July 1.

Now I have seen this youtube video and my feelings have changed.

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