IN DEFENSE OF BEAR MEAT. The Economist (October 5) has an article about a “roadkill cook-off” that has been held in Marlinton, West Virginia since 1991. I use quotation marks because none of the food at the cook-off had been run over. The requirements were simply that 20% of each dish be from wild game. The Economist writer reported that: “Mixed with sweet potato, apple sauce and pork sausage, both raccoon and squirrel taste delicious.”

The reporter went on to say: “Bear, however, cannot be made palatable—even by a sprinkling of Parmesan.” I disagree. I posted here about my one experience with bear meat and that I liked it. I see that I said that my mother had marinated the bear meat for 24 hours but left out what the marinade was. It was red wine.

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