THE SECRET BEHIND THE PERFECT ALIBI (SPOILER ALERT). The secret to the perfect alibi that I posted on a couple days ago is the same secret that was behind “The Woman Without a Face”—the “Phantom of Heilbronn” that I posted on here. The Phantom of Heilbronn was thought, based on DNA found at crime scenes, to be a serial killer who had also committed a number of burglaries. I posted on the solution to the Phantom of Heilbronn here. It was decided that the Phantom did not exist. The DNA came from the cotton swabs used at the crime scenes.

The perfect alibi came about because the two paramedics who had taken the accused, Lukis Anderson, to the hospital came to the murder scene two hours later. This article by Henry K. Lee at SFGate tells the story. Lukis Anderson was released after five months in jail.

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