A REAL LIFE MURDER MYSTERY—THE PERFECT ALIBI. Last November 30, Raveesh Kumra, a millionaire, was killed in a home invasion robbery in his mansion near San Jose. Kumra died of asphyxiation after being bound and gagged with packaging tape. His wife, who had been beaten and threatened, called the police after the killers had made off with cash, jewelry and rare coins. A week later, Lukis Anderson, a street person with a criminal record, was arrested after DNA found under the victim’s fingernails was matched to Anderson’s DNA.

The mystery in the case was that Anderson seemed to have an airtight alibi. He had been taken by ambulance to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of .40, five times the legal limit, two hours before the murder and remained in the hospital for 12 hours after the crime was committed.

I will post the solution to the mystery in a couple days.

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