COMPETITIONS AMONG WINE TEAMS. Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal (May 10) had an article about the competition in wine expertise that will take place in Bordeaux in June among teams from universities from all over the world. The prize is the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup. (The Left Bank is not the one in Paris, but the one in Bordeaux, where the Gironde River separates important vineyards). The team from Yale Law School beat out teams from Stanford, Wharton, Columbia and Harvard to qualify for the finals. Sample questions that teams will have to answer in blind tastings require the identification of the vintage or the subregion of wines. Yesterday’s post about wine experts is fun, but I know there is wine expertise and that there are people who derive great enjoyment from the subtleties of wine. I know some of them.But I am happy enough with my own ignorance.

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