“TO BE A HEDONIST WITH BAD TASTE…” Nick sent us a link with the caption “A Validation Of Dad’s Philosophy On Wine”. I knew what he had in mind before I opened the link. I know little about wine. (For that matter I once read a quote from a marketing executive for either Coke or Pepsi that almost half the people in the country can tell Coke and Pepsi apart; I am one of those who can’t.) I know that Nick remembers the times I have said to the family that I am happy enough not to be able to make subtle discriminations among wines, that it’s a good thing for anybody “to be a hedonist with bad taste”. It’s a lot easier to find things that please you.

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  1. Nick says:

    Perhaps acquiring a taste for expensive wines is not one worth acquiring.

  2. Dick Weisfelder says:

    How expensive is expensive? You can get some amazingly good wine for under $10, but when you expand that to under $20 you really have lots of excellent choices. For a couple of varietals like pinot noir, you might be ok paying a bit more.

    In Sweden we can get two-three liter boxed South African whites that are excellent for incredibly low prices. But I’ve not found the equivalent here. Americans seem to think that only poor wines come in boxes, but great wines are even better boxed because they are in a vacuum pack and stay good much longer when refrigerated.

    Chris and I specialize in southern hemisphere wines just to be different – very non ecological to be sure because of the energy used transporting them.

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