HOW BASEBALLS ARE MADE. Lee Bryant sent me this video showing the process of making a baseball. They are made to standards established in 1872. Except for machinery, the process is a little like what we imagine was used to make home made baseballs back in the day. Four layers of yarn are wound—by machines—around a small core. (The core is called a “pill”, which is also a traditional name for a baseball). As we all have thought, there is cork at the very center of the pill.There is a lot of debate whether and why the baseball has gotten more lively over time, but the winding of the yarn by machine must have had an effect. The sewing of the cover is done by hand, and it is pleasing when the camera pulls back to show 350 professionals sewing at once.

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  1. Carl Davidson says:

    Re the video on the making of baseballs, it appears that several parts of the process are done by hand which could lead to differences from ball to ball. Also two processes involve rolling balls in drums which could result in less than perfect uniformity in the result. I wonder whether there could be a difference ball-to-ball in the final product which could make two balls hit the same way result in one going out of the park and the other falling short.

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