HOW THE MAPLE SYRUP WAS STOLEN. I posted here and here about how the theft of some 15,000 barrels of maple syrup reminded me of other crimes—of the theft of a cast iron building or the burning down of a brick building to steal the bricks. The thieves would have had to use “huge barrels or drums, forklifts, and large trucks”. It would have required a lot of truck loads because when a mere 5% of the syrup was recovered, it took a convoy of 16 trucks to carry it. Now this article by Ian Austen in the New York Times tells how the theft was pulled off. One of the warehouses where the syrup was stored had space that was available for other tenants. The thieves set up a dummy trucking company that rented the space. The dummy company had access to the building to bring in large trucks. There were times when no one was looking…..

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