DECIBELS (COMMENT). Andrew commented here that: “Decibels are also a log scale, but it’s not as straightforward as the Richter scale….” (I had posted on my surprise that: “an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 is about 11.000 times more powerful than an earthquake of magnitude 6.3.” This wikipedia article says that: “A change in power ratio by a factor of 10 is a 10 dB [decibel] change” and gives examples of the effect of the logarithmic scale. The article also says:

“The human ear has a large dynamic range in audio perception. The ratio of the sound intensity that causes permanent damage during short exposure to the quietest sound that the ear can hear is greater than or equal to 1 trillion.”

Although the human ear may have a large dynamic range, I think that I have now discovered an explanation for some of my experiences at concerts.

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