SAVE THE ROMAN CATS. I posted here about the cat sanctuary in the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome. The Largo di Torre Argentina is an area not far from the Roman Forum which has the remains of four temples. Hundreds of cats live there. When we visited, Annalisa and Nick wanted to do something abut feeding the cats until we discovered how well the cats are cared for. (She and Nick also worked out a plausible fiction which Nick told us—that Annalisa was at the cat sanctuary office working out how to bring one of the cats back home with us.) This article on the New York Review of Books blog by the appropriately named Massimo Gatto tells about how formal charges of “illegal construction” (“abuso edlilizio”) have been made against the cat sanctuary by a number of officials with support by a major newspaper (La Repubblica). There is apparently a lot of political support for the cats, which is good because, as Gatto says, “since the cats came to stay, the piazza, while still a problematic site, has become unexpectedly animated, endlessly amusing, and beautified.” Here is a link to the website of the Roman cat sanctuary.

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