MY IDEAL DEBATE—TALKING HEADS. An important objection to my Ideal Debate is that it is less exciting than a debate with interruptions and movement. Many people have said that they liked the last two debates because they found them exciting. TV directors love reaction shots and rapid changes of camera angles. Although Section 9(a)(v) of the agreement between the campaigns (the text of the agreement is here) provided that “…TV coverage will be limited to the best of the [sponsoring] Commission’s ability to the candidate speaking…”, I don’t think there was much effort to limiting reaction shots of the candidates. I can understand why a TV director would not follow an agreement to limit reaction shots. Last month I grumbled in the same vein here about excessive camera movements and reaction shots in televised baseball games. The media loves to turn the debates into something like a boxing match. The campaigns by their agreement show that they want a debate that focuses on the political issues. I agree with the campaigns.

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