THE COMEBACK OF TABLE ICE HOCKEY. Will Connors had an article on the comeback of table ice hockey in the Wall Street Journal (April 23). Connors reported on the recent Canadian Table Hockey Championships, which had 120 participants and several hundred spectators. Connors says that: “In Europe, the sport is taken more seriously. There are international rankings, prize purses of several thousand dollars and celebrity players.” Here is a wikipedia article that describes the game. Connors says that the heyday of the game was in the 70’s. We played the game a lot in the 60’s after my sister Mary brought it back from Toronto as a Christmas present for my brother Elmer and me. As she was arriving at the railroad station in Chicago, a well-known hockey player helped her with her packages, and was happy to see the hockey game box. He asked how old her brothers were and, Mary said, seemed surprised to learn that they were in their 20’s.

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