PRICING TO ELIMINATE PARKING SHORTAGES IN SAN FRANCISCO. When I posted here five years ago about how “There is no shortage of parking in Evanston”, I mentioned that San Francisco was experimenting with changing the price of parking. This New York Times article (March 15) by Michael Cooper and Jo Craven McGinty describes an ongoing experiment by San Francisco to reduce parking shortages. This official site describes the project: “SFpark uses demand-responsive pricing to open up parking spaces on each block and reduce circling and double-parking. Rates may vary by block, time of day and day of week. Rates will be adjusted by no more than 50 cents per hour down or 25 cents per hour up, and no more often than once per month.” Here is a PDF with maps showing the changes in prices—up or down—that were made in February for different blocks in the city. Notice that the prices may differ for different times of the day so that there are different maps for morning, afternoon and evening hours.

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