GOVERNMENTS LETTING RAW SEWAGE EMPTY INTO WATERWAYS. This New York Times editorial discusses the problems raised by the fact that: “Like many older cities, New York has a combined sewer system where storm water and sewage are carried through the same pipes. The system often exceeds capacity during heavy storms and discharges the overflow into local waterways.” Kids, the Federal Clean Water Act, as this wikipedia explains, set goals for clean water for 1983 and 1985, almost 30 years ago. Yet it is apparent that almost no public attention has been given to the runoff problem, which has not really been addressed. (Although raw sewage sounds bad, the problem from metals in runoff is more long lasting.) The editorial applauds new “green infrastructure” measures to contain rainwater, but the conclusion is grim. Green infrastructure measures—to be implemented over the next 18 years—will only reduce runoff by about 5%. And New York City’s long-term goal is only a 40% reduction!

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