TRADE IN OBSIDIAN AND LAPIS LAZULI. The Iceman article noted that: “Archaeologists have found volcanic glass (obsidian) on the mainland that originated from Mt. Arci on Sardinia, indicating that trade existed between Sardinia and the mainland. Perhaps the Iceman’s parents were involved in that trade….” Nick replied to my e mail about the Iceman article:

“This is so incredibly cool. I love hearing about regions separated by vast distances being in contact in ancient times.
The only thing I really remember about seeing the Book of Kells was that the blue ink in it was made with lapis lazuli, which at the time it was written – the 8th & 9th century – could only be obtained from a single mine in Afghanistan.

This wikipedia article says that other than lapis lazuli, which came from northeast Afghanistan, the pigments used in the Book of Kells came from the Mediterranean region.

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