MY FIRST EXERCISE OF POWER. I was reminiscing the other day, and Annalisa urged me to post the story. I thought about what the meaning of the story was, and it occurred to me that it was the first time in my life that I held a position of power. It was in kindergarten. A time was set aside each day in which we were supposed to nap. I can understand the reasoning behind this better now than I could see it then. I hated nap time. Sleeping was out of the question, and I had a hard time holding still, as the teacher reminded me from time to time. At the end of each nap time, one child was selected to be the “wake up fairy”, who would tap the children who had been quiet and good during nap time in the order of their quietness and goodness. This prolonged nap time for me. I was usually one of the last to be released, and it rankled. Then one day, after some months, I was given the power and responsibility of being the wake up fairy. I tapped my brother Elmer and two of our friends, and went off to play, leaving the other children to be quiet and good.

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  1. Dick Weisfelder says:

    Using the language of power, did the others engage in countervailing measures thereafter?

  2. Philip says:

    The kindergarten teacher did.

  3. Nick says:

    Dad, I know I’ve never heard this story from you before because I would absolutely remember it. This is incredible. Actually laughing at my computer screen.

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