LOBBIES—NEW YORK BUILDINGS. Many of the skyscrapers from the 1920’s and the 1930’s had beautiful interiors. The Empire Stat building was completed in 1931; the Chrysler building dates from 1920. This post from the Travels with Terry blog has a photograph of the beautiful doors of the Chrysler Building elevators. I can testify from many trips on them that the elevator interiors were also beautiful. Nevertheless, this post from the same blog says that: “The street level blandness of the Chrysler Building is a poor relation to the rich ornamentation visible to pedestrians as they approach the Chanin Building.” The Chanin Building, built in 1929, is kitty-corner (or cater corner) to the Chrysler Building. The post also says: “The detail on this office building is some of the most exquisite French-inspired Art-Deco ornament ever created in New York.” The photographs bear this out. So do the photographs here.

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