VERTEX. This article about Foldit by Alan Boyle on tells about a computerized tool called “Blue Fuse,” which checks whether a protein molecule is in its highest-scoring configuration. “Blue Fuse takes the code for a molecule folded in a particular way, and bends the rules of the game temporarily to check whether there’s an even better solution to the puzzle. If there is, the software slowly brings the rules back and heads for that better solution instead.” The article has an interview with “Vertex”, the creator of Blue Fuse. Vertex is a retired software engineer who says he knows nothing about biochemistry. He considers the development of Blue Fuse as “a small exercise in statistics.” Foldit game players have already developed about 60 “children” (alternative sets of instructions) which have Blue Fuse as a “parent”, using variations on the core idea. (link via Instapundit)

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