DRAWING WITH 9 CAMERAS AND 18 SCREENS. This article by Martin Gayford tells how David Hockney is now “drawing” with 18 screens showing series of high definition photographs taken by 18 high-definition cameras. Each camera is set at a different angle, and what they record changes as the cameras proceed. Hockney (who is considered a brilliant draftsman) calls the process “drawing”” because for him drawing is “fundamentally about constructing a two-dimensional image of three-dimensional space.” With multiple screens, you can choose where you want to look, without having your point of view determined by the artist or photographer. (The photographs in the linked article give an idea of this new visual experience.) Hockney says: “It seems you can see almost more on these screens than if you were really there. Everything is in focus, so you’re looking at something very complicated but with incredible clarity.” (link via arts and letters daily)

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