PICKPOCKETS AT AIRPORTS. I imagine Fagin would be impressed by the interaction of modern air travel and and the old-fashioned business of picking pockets that this post post describes. The post says that “there are some thieves who make their living in airports.” They are skilled thieves, who may spend all day at an airport. Their targets are people who are confused or distracted going through security screening. (The post uses the phrase “snatch and walk”.) “The ‘professional airport thief’ has a subtle way of getting in line behind their target.” The post includes a list of recommendations about how to get your belongings safely through screening. Fagin would appreciate the advantages of the modern thieves. The targets are already distracted so that no helper is needed, and there is no need to reach into the target’s pocket. The target empties his pockets for the thief.

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  1. Nick says:

    I always marvel that more bags aren’t stolen from baggage claim. Perhaps there aren’t enough valuables in the bags that are checked to make it worth a thief’s effort or risk.

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