TWINS THAT LOOK ALIKE ARE IDENTICAL. The Slate series has an article on twins by Barry Harbaugh, an identical twin, which corresponds to my experience. Harbaugh and his brother had been told they were
fraternal.My brother Elmer and I were told the same thing. The article tells how the Harbaugh twins confirmed by genetic testing that they were in fact identical, just as we were. Barry Harbaugh says that the testing service in over 15 years experience has never found fraternal twins who thought they were identical. The errors are all in one direction. “If it’s even plausible that you’re identical, then that’s almost certainly what you are.” A good thing, because as this earlier article by Barry Harbaugh says, to discover as an adult that you were not identical after you and everybody else in your life have thought that you were would be very embarrassing. Barry Harbaugh says in this first article: “The idea that we might be fraternal makes me feel guilty and unnerved, like we’ve stolen a painting and hid it hastily in the attic….No one wants to have lived a fiction.”

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