ANOTHER EXPLANATION FOR THE POLARIZATION OF POLITICS. This article by William Galston gives an explanation I had never thought of for the polarization of the political parties in recent years. I have thought the chief explanation is greatly improved gerrymandering. I posted here on a comment by a Congressman that the Congressmen don’t spend as much time together in Washington as they used to, which reduces collegiality. Galston says, in giving his theory of what happened in the debt ceiling negotiations, that: “Congressional Democrats were urging Obama not to yield an inch on Medicare and Social Security: If he did, he would blur the bright-line contrast between the parties so beloved of political consultants.” And the Republican were insisting on no new taxes. So political consultants tend to disapprove of compromises and fine distinctions. It makes sense. In addition to making it easier for members of Congress to coordinate their opinions, bright lines would make campaigning easier (though not necessarily more effective).

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