WHEN I HAD GREEN HAIR. I had been saving this family story for April Fool’s Day, but then I realized that it’s more appropriate for any other day. One lesson of the story is that any day can be April Fool’s Day. Back in the 70’s Mary Jane bought from a catalog what she thought was a bright green shade of eye shadow. It turned out to be a green powder that you could put in your hair for a punk look. So she waited until I was asleep and put the green powder in my hair.

Nothing notable happened. The next morning I got up to go to work, showered, washed my hair and shaved and went off to work. (I almost never look in a mirror).

People tell me that I should think up a better ending for the story.

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  1. Nick says:

    Meanwhile, your hair was accidentally green after a dip in that pool in France.

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