GOOD BYE, MR. CHIPS. Kids, the movie Good Bye, Mr. Chips played a role similar to the Corner Bistro in the lives of my parents. My father had worked in the same office building as my mother for a long time and had finally persuaded her to go out with him. My father took her to a night club because he thought that was the kind of thing a girl liked to do when she went out on a date. I don’t know how he thought my mother would like to go to a night club, but he every time he told the story, he said that he was astonished when my mother insisted on going home fairly soon after they arrived. My father, desperate, saw that the movie was Good Bye, Mr. Chips was playing in a theater that were going past, and suggested that they go in. My mother did not like movies— we rarely went to one— but she had liked the book (by James Hilton), and the movie salvaged the evening.

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