THE CORNER BISTRO. According to this article from the New York Daily News, the Corner Bistro on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village has been selected as having the Best Cheeseburger in New York City. Kids, the Corner Bistro is critically important in our lives and for your lives. When I began dating your mother, the first three dates went very well. For the fourth date, I thought I had achieved a coup by getting tickets for a rock concert on East 14th Street which featured Traffic with Stevie Winwood. I didn’t pick up on the fact that as we approached the concert Mary Jane pointed out the large number of people on the sidewalk who were eager to buy tickets and said that it seemed a shame that all those people were unable to get tickets which they desperately wanted. After about twenty minutes of the opening act, I caught on and we left. In the course of trying to salvage my future, we wound up over a mile away at the Corner Bistro, where we had cheeseburgers. In a way the Corner Bistro cheeseburger saved my life.

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