LOCAL TWITTER DIALECTS. I have posted several times about dialects, including this post about how there were hundreds of subdialects in France in the 19th century, so that it was said that each valley had its own subdialect. Twitter has given rise to a new language, and researchers have discovered regional dialects in that language. This article describes a recent study of these dialects. Here is another article which says:

“In northern California, something that’s cool is “koo” in tweets, while in southern California, it’s “coo.” In many cities, something is “sumthin,” but tweets in New York City favor “suttin.” While many of us might complain in tweets of being “very” tired, people in northern California tend to be “hella” tired, New Yorkers “deadass” tired and Angelenos are simply tired “af.”

The subdialects seem to cover wider areas than in 19th century France. The researchers say they can “predict the location of a user in the United States within about 300 miles.”

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