THE ICE BOWL. Two NFL games have been delayed by snow this year, which has brought back memories of the Ice Bowl, which was played on December 31, 1967 for the championship of the National Football League. The game was played in Green Bay by Dallas and the Packers. It was a very cold day, even as far south as Chicago, where we were. When we read that morning about the weather forecast, and that some reserved seats would be turned back, my brother-in-law Tom Hockin suggested that we go up and try to get tickets. We talked about if for a while. Nobody mentioned the weather. We finally decided—rightly—that by the time we got there, the tickets would be gone. In fact, our friends Lee, John and Wendy Huebner drove up from Sheboygan and got the last tickets, in the first row of the end zone. Here is a wikipedia description of some of the things we missed: The temperature was minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit at game time and reached minus 20 at the end of the game—still the coldest recorded temperature for an NFL game. The referees couldn’t use their whistles; when the referee blew his whistle to start the game, it froze to his lips. One of the players had frostbite on six toes. The game was decided on the last play right in front of the Huebners.

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