GROWING UP WITH THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. The Chicago Tribune proclaimed itself “The World’s Greatest Newspaper (WGN gets its call letters from this slogan).This review of a biography of McCormick says that: “The Tribune’s most notorious journalistic gaffe — the ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ headline in 1948 — seems but one more episode in a long line of instances where McCormick’s editorial wishes were father to The Tribune’s reportorial position.” Some of the Colonel’s opinions: “Yale he found ‘feminized and Anglicized.’….Britain was a ‘chalk-cliffed hell’ inhabited by ‘pink-coated, horn-blowing, supercilious bankrupts.’ The northeastern United States swarmed with the ‘dodging, obligation-shifting idle rich . . . diluted in their Americanism by other hordes of immigrants.”’ If you look at the review, you will see that the Colonel’s mother had more extreme views. In the 1936 election, the Tribune switchboard operators were instructed to answer the phone; “Only X days to save your country.”

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