A LARGE TREE IN THE OUTFIELD. Inspired by the challenges of playing the Northwestern-Illinois football game in Wrigley Field with a brick wall at one end of the field, I posted several times about unusual playing fields. John Huebner e mailed me that the posts “… reminded me about the park that the Class D Sheboygan Indians played in. (Our father worked for them.) It actually had a very large oak tree in right-center field. Balls hit into that area were ground rule triples.” The Sheboygan Indians were a professional minor league team, part of the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. They played in the Wisconsin State League between 1940 and 1953. (Class D doesn’t exist now because the classification was thought to be demeaning. Class B, Class C and Class D leagues were renamed as “A leagues” and then designated as “low A.”) Future major leaguers played for the Sheboygan Indians, including Walt Moryn, Dick Tracewski and Johnny Roseboro. And they played in a park with a tree in the outfield.

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