NEWS FROM 150 YEARS AGO—THE LONG RECALL.. Here are some of the news items from the early posts on The Long Recall blog: November 10, 1860: The two United States senators from South Carolina resigned,and “The Philadelphia Inquirer describes yesterday as ‘a day of gloom and panic in the Stock market….'” November 14, 1860: “The Constitution reprints a proposed ‘Declaration of Independence’ from South Carolina secessionists.” November 16, 1860: “A New York Times editorial argues that South Carolina is incapable of standing on its own.” November 19, 1860: “An editorial from the New Orleans Picayune implores South Carolina to slow its actions, convene with the other Southern states, and compose a final unified settlement to present to the North before proceeding with secession.
The New York Times also supports a Southern States convention and believes amending the Constitution is the only way to avoid a revolution.”

There are links at The Long Recall to each of these articles or editorials, as well as to all the others that are aggregated.

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