NEWS FROM 150 YEARS AGO—DISUNION. Here are some of the news items from the early posts on the Disunion site: November 17, 1860: an article about the arrest of a young man for an incident arising out his attempting to board a horse-drawn streetcar that did not have a sign posted in the window saying “Colored People Allowed in This Car.” The essay discusses the history of segregation in New York City and asks whether the incident was related to Abraham Lincoln’s election ten days earlier. November 21, 1860:A report on speculation on whether the forts in Charleston Harbor would surrender if and when the State of South Carolina seceded in the next month and claimed the property. It quotes one soldier at the forts (from a document published afterwards): “‘The truth is we are the government at present….It rests upon the points of our swords. Shall we use our position to deluge the country in blood?’”

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